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We are against plastic waste

Our seas are choked with debris. The clogging of the seas with a huge amount of plastic is a huge environmental problem that harms the animal and plant world, as well as people.


Fresh air

The project is aimed at improving the environmental situation and reducing pollutant emissions. The Climate and Clean Air Coalition is the only global initiative that brings civil society and businesses together to improve air quality and protect the environment.


Environmental program OKI

The Group actively supports the protection of the environment and takes preventive measures to achieve its goals by 2023 in four main areas: "building a society that cares about the environment", "prevention of pollution", "reuse of resources" and "preservation of biological diversity".


Cleaning up the ocean

Reducing releases of chemicals that can adversely affect human health and damage the environment. We are introducing new parameters to help monitor the quality of the oceans and take action to improve them.


Reuse of resources

Since 2012, our group has been trying to increase the volume of products that can be processed by 25%. In addition, OKI is committed to expanding recycling and actively supporting sustainable development.


Save our forests

Every year, as a result of the expansion of arable land and other human activities, 10 million hectares of forests and forest plantations disappear from the face of the earth. This is turning into a rapid reduction in the biological diversity of the planet. Half of the forest areas almost did not suffer from external human impact, and a third of the forests are virgin forests that have not experienced the consequences of human activity. Nevertheless, the disappearance of forests continues, which means that new territories of the planet will lose their forest cover.


Wetland conservation campaign

Wetlands as well as lakes, rivers, and other water environments around the world are at risk, many of them polluted or degraded by climate change and human impact. In recent months, governments have stepped up their efforts to protect and restore these ecosystems, which experts say is critical not only to protecting biodiversity but also to combat the climate crisis.


Modern problems of nature conservation

Although theoretically everyone agrees that it is necessary to protect nature, in practice only a few do it. Even at the household level. How much waste and garbage is left in the forest or along the banks of water bodies after our picnics? Someone will object: “Yes, this is a trifle, especially in comparison with global warming or depletion of the bowels.” But it is from such trifles that environmental problems arise, and if they are not dealt with, they grow to a global scale.


Cleaning up the beaches together

The garbage from all industries and land is dumped, spilled, pumped, and leaked into the ocean every day. We expose the ocean to pollutants such as plastic trash, crude oil, chemical runoff, and more every day, adding to the already large amount of ocean debris. We can help change the world for the better by cleaning up the oceans ourselves and helping the many governments and charities that are taking action around the world.